I’m available to work on short term projects or long term retainers.

Below, I outline some of the ways I could get involved. This is not an exhaustive list so, if you’re unsure of whether I can help or not, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If I can’t help, I’m pretty sure I can put you in touch with someone who can.

Product Consulting

Whether you’re at idea phase or already started production, I’ve got years of experience building products and helping business owners refine and enhance their product strategies.

I can help with:

* Business Process/Workflow design
* Interface and Usability review
* Scoping of product/feature briefs

Take a look at this post to get an idea of how I think about early stage product development.

Project Management

Whether you’re starting out on a new project or you’ve already started but struggling to gain traction, I can help you streamline your project management processes and get shit done.

I can help with:

* Internal/External developer engagement
* Task management
* Facilitating information flow between business and development
* Implementing simple, easy to stick to project management processes and tools

Take a look at the Hlalani IQ case study or check out my work experience to get an idea of the type of projects I’ve worked on.