Refer work to me for a fee

I’ve been working on the web for just over 10 years and for almost 8 of those years I have been running MyEcommerce, a software development company.

MyEcommerce will be turning 8 this year and I am looking to focus my attention on technology consulting while the MyEcommerce team continues to build and support great products.

I need your help

The challenge I’m facing is my perceived identity has become entwined with MyEcommerce and building software and websites as I’ve positioned MyEcommerce as a go-to business for software and website development projects.

Moving into technology consulting, which is a somewhat different yet related focus area, is proving challenging. I’m hoping, that by offering an incentive of R10,000.00, you’ll be encouraged to help me find the right business opportunities and introduce me to people I could work with.

What I am looking for

I’m looking for remote opportunities in a project management, product development or consulting role with either a technology company, an agency that works with technology companies or a corporate that could use a mind shift when it comes to the implementation and roll out of technology projects.

What I can do

I’m good at being an advocate for the technical team as well as for users. I’m pro business and sustainability and it influences the way I approach projects and the prioritisation of functionality within product roadmaps.

My recent experience has involved working on niche projects solving problems that haven’t been solved before, in the sense that off-the-shelf systems didn’t exist and we didn’t have any models or case studies to follow when building the systems. I enjoy this kind of thing.

The Hlalani IQ case study should give you an idea of the type of projects I have worked on and a post I wrote, titled “It’s time you become a builder“, should give you an idea of how I approach product development.

Kind of business

The business will probably look something like this:

* A small product team that hasn’t yet found their groove, either at idea phase or in early development. I could work closely with the CEO and CTO to figure out what to focus on and how to get things done.
* A medium to large business or corporate that wants to start leveraging technology or launching internal innovation projects. I’m good at implementing systems where there are none and reducing complexity where there are too many.
* A VC fund that wants to invest in technology businesses. I can help advise and consult on product development and processes for development and support teams.


Remote. I’m looking to join local or international teams either already supporting remote work or transitioning towards supporting remote work.

Duration and money

I’m looking for medium to long term contracts/retainers of at least 20 hours per month for a minimum of three months, although I’ll also consider short term bulk projects. I’m happy to work for a mix of equity and payment.

What I am like

I’m meticulous and process orientated. I like systems and if they don’t exist I implement them. I’m focused yet I can also contribute to an excited discussion and jump down the rabbit hole, exploring ideas or what a product might look like years from now.

I’m a firm believer in doing what is in the best interest of the user even if this means having difficult conversations with business or development.

If I were to sum myself up in hashtags I’d probably use: #FinTech, #EdTech, #SaaS, #Sustainability, #Entrepreneurship, #Coffee, #Food, #RedWine, #Music¬†and #Minimalism.

Some people have said nice things about me.

Things that are important to me

I want to work with committed, driven people on projects that make a real impact. I’ve been fortunate to work on projects that influence many people’s lives in tangible ways and those are the type of projects I enjoy the most. Although I’ve primarily worked on B2B products, I’ve been working on some B2C products in stealth mode recently and I’d be keen to work on more of these.

The R10K

After an agreement has been made and the first invoice/deposit has been paid, I’ll pay 10K ZAR to the person who facilitated the connection. The 10K ZAR (or your currency equivalent1) will be paid via EFT to the bank account of your choosing.

Get in Touch

Thanks in advance

1: USD, GBP, Euro.

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