Let's get Personal

I’m strong willed and passionate about the things I care about.

The Internet - My passion for the internet and computers began with my second cellular phone; I did not have access to a computer, growing up. I worked and bought my first cellular phone when I was in primary school. Soon after this, WAP became a trend and I got myself a Nokia 6210, one of the first WAP-Enabled phones available in South Africa. This opened up my world to search and the concept of the internet. I was in love.

Open Source - I bought my first computer, a laptop, when I was 19. During the 5 years I actively used it I learned the basics of web development. I did not have a high income job so I relied mostly on free and open source software, my second love affair begins. I’ve since had the opportunity to buy a Mac and switch to some paid apps but I still prefer Open Source for development and deployment related technologies.

Check out my dock.

My Dock

Economic Development - I enjoy helping other businesses succeed. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs understand themselves and their businesses better and helping them make their businesses more sustainable.

Good Coffee - I occasionally treat myself to a cappuccino or an espresso but primarily drink plunger. I don’t do sugar, it’s just wrong. (Like Latte Art? Check out my Instagram Profile.)

Good Food - I simply love food and cooking. I can turn any ingredients into an awesome experience and really enjoy chilli and garlic. If it’s worth cooking, it’s worth cooking well. No half measures when it comes to making an effort in the kitchen.

Music - I used to play recorder and guitar; I could even read sheet music. At one stage I was a club DJ. I enjoy a really wide range of music, I used to spend almost all day on Rdio but since they shut down the service, I have moved to Apple Music.

Amelia - My better half. We've been together for 12 years. We work together, eat together, walk together and talk together. She keeps me grounded.

I've been known to take work to bed.
Take work to bed