Potentially Asked Questions

Why should we hire you?

Seriously? You're leading with this...

OK, well I can't make the decision for you but rest assured if you gave me a chance I'd work hard and make an effort. Marketing as a job function is new territory for me so I'd be learning the whole time and quite possibly make mistakes but I'll try avoid them. I'll also always only act in Ghost's interest so even my mistakes will be really well intentioned.

This is an entry level role, aren't you concerned you'll be bored?

No, I think I'll be learning a lot in this role. I have leveraged social media in my own way but I feel there is much I have to learn in terms of organised and strategic online marketing. I would also enjoy spending more of my time writing.

What do you bring to the table?

10 Years experience working on web related projects. 7+ Years experience in a product management role working on niche projects. My unique personality, OCD and approach to product development and customer support.

Why do you want the position?

I really like the idea of working remotely and the flexibility in terms of when I work. I'm a super Ghost fan and would really like to be part of the team. I feel I have something to offer but also feel I have a lot to learn on the marketing front.

What are your thoughts on a uniform?

I’m more than happy to live the brand, wearing branded t-shirts and/or hoodies; I’d actually quite like it. Long pants and I don't get along though.

Have you travelled much?

Locally - Yes, I have done a lot of local travel during my time as a competitive latin american dancer, travelling to competitions.

Internationally - No, I spent 10 days in London on a research trip but haven't had the opportunity again since.

Are you willing to travel?

I’m comfortable travelling when required although I’m very well adjusted to working remotely and get a lot more done from the comfort of the base. My passport has expired so I'll need to renew it before I'll be allowed to leave the country.

When can you start?

I don't know, you tell me? OK, seriously though, considering the initial requirement is 16 hours a week I could start more or less immediately and gradually adjust my schedule around my Ghost responsibilities.

Can you code?

Enough to cause damage. I'm comfortable with HTML and basic CSS but I'm not that good at writing functional server side or client code. I've got a good understanding of databases and database design and I understand the whole MVC concept but haven't spent enough time actually writing code to be good at it.