I’m a product manager and team leader, always looking for new opportunities to grow and help other businesses (people) along the way.

I decided to get into software development after spending time working in the education sector; before long I was spending more time liaising with clients and handling support queries than I was coding. This quickly evolved and I have spent the majority of the last 9+ years focused on Product and Team Management.

Through this experience, I have learnt a lot about myself as well as how to communicate with others in stressful situations. I can keep my cool when things get tough. I have been the go to contact person when working with mission critical financial data; responsible for overseeing hosting, development as well as the support desk.

I have a passion for people development as well as technology.


I have always been a self-starter and got my first job and started my first business at age twelve, both of which got me hooked on building businesses.

I currently work in the technology sector, where my business provides services to a variety of industries including; Finance and Crowd Funding, Engineering, Government Housing and the Hospitality Sector.

Over the years, I’ve developed a passion for Education and Human Capital Development. I find it rewarding working with young people and seeing them grow into a whole new person, taking shape, within the context of a team.

I firmly believe that practical experience trumps academics and one of the lessons I’ve learned through experience is that businesses with solid systems do the best; this sparked my passion for systems design and development.

After completing my Matric through home schooling, while working a full time job, I decided to stick to the working life and focus on generating an income and gaining work experience.

My exposure to different working environments and the entrepreneurial lifestyle has taught me a lot about myself and people. I’ve especially needed to develop a different type of approach for working with young people, with less life and work experience. The need to talk positively and look for the positive in people.

My career has taken me through twenty years of diverse work experience including positions in; Client Service, Sales, Administration and Operations Management culminating in me stepping back into entrepreneurship. My vast experience engaging with local and international companies as well as Local, Provincial and National Government institutions has prepared me to engage with people in various roles at various levels. I’ve also developed the ability to mask complex technical issues in clear business language.

I contributed towards the standardisation of documentation and process flow in the Debt Review industry, governed by the National Credit Act, in my role as a member of the South African, Credit Technology Association.