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Do you have a product that you’d like to talk about or present to the community? In addition to hosting our pitch sessions we’ll be hosting product sessions for you to spread the word and tell the community about what you do and what makes your business different.

The Process and Format

We’ll require some information from you to get you scheduled and so that we can share your info with the community. Format wise this is super casual, think of it like a talk show where we talk about your business.

Step 1 – Prepare your info

You will need to prepare the following information:

* Name.
* Surname.
* Business Name.
* Describe your business in a Tweet.
* Describe your business in four words.
* Personal AngelList Link.
* Personal LinkedIn Link.
* Personal Web Address.
* Business AngelList Link.
* Business LinkedIn Link.
* Business Web Address.
* Email Address.
* Stage of your company (concept, prelaunch, launch, growth).

This information is shared with our investor network and community.

Step 2 – Scheduling

Connect with me on SSG Slack to organise an appointment.

Step 3 – Demo Session

We jump on a Google Hangout On Air and talk about your product, live.

Important Notices

Things you need to keep in mind:

* The sessions are all recorded and shared with our international network.
* The sessions are [publicly available].
* Don’t share anything you’re not 100% comfortable sharing.
* If you’re asked a question you’re not comfortable answering live, just say you’ll discuss it off air.
* You will require a Google+ account to participate.
(You will need the Google+ Hangouts Plugin installed)
* You’ll be able to screen share and therefore do a demo during the session.
* We recommend you wear a headset so as to reduce the chance of an echo.
* You will need a good internet connection and a quiet environment on the day of the session.
* These sessions are primarily to help you share your story with the community.

Interested in practicing your business pitch? We host virtual pitch sessions.

Connect with SSG online and join the conversation.