Badass Skills

I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of roles, helping me to hone skills in a few key areas.

**Strategy** – I think long term and have the ability to see the bigger picture, way up options and make decisions when they need to be made.

**Management** – I have experience in multiple management positions and through these roles have gained experience working with others and mastered the skill of delegation management. I’ve grown comfortable managing a distributed team and developing relationships of trust. At the end of the day a company is only as strong as it’s people.

**Human Resources** – I’ve been responsible for recruitment, selection and training of candidates as well as disciplinary action when it’s been needed. I’ve spent the last eight years focused on the management of development and support staff working on more than one client product including remote staff and freelancers.

**Customer Service** – From waiting tables in restaurants through to running a support desk; I’ve had years of experience dealing with both happy and unhappy customers.

**Marketing** – I’ve been involved in brand development, conceptualisation and market identification for multiple brands, assisting clients better understand their position.

**Technical** – I got into the development space through a desire to program and although I have focused on project management for the last few years, I have a good base knowledge of hands on software development. I’ve done quite a bit of database design and business process planning.

**Survival** – Running my own business for more than eight years has given me a unique opportunity to learn about doing what it takes to get results and keep a business going.