Jobbing/Freelancing Research

**Dev shops/agencies**, I’m doing some research into what is currently pissing people off when it comes to methods of sourcing design/development work online, especially in terms of the common jobbing/freelancing sites.

Some of the pet peeves include:

* Complex billing models (both for client and freelancer)
* Crap User Experiences (too much to fit into a bullet list)
* No Quality Control over the content on the site
* Clients can just post what ever crap they want without any QA thus wasting a lot of (agency) time when screening potential projects, prior to even submitting a proposal
* A lot of the projects are just spammy and unrealistic
* “build me a Uber clone for $5.00”
* “build be a Twitter clone for $100.00”
* Many of the projects have no proper description or instructions at all, it’s difficult to know what people expect
* Existing systems are focused on individuals but provide little functionality to make it easy to engage as a team
* systems force you to use their own messaging platform which is clumsy and results in delays in client communications and a fragmented workflow
* General client approach to spending
* “Your price is too high, but please send me a quote anyway because I need to give my boss 3 quotes”
* “We spent thousands on the previous dev team and they botched the job, therefore our budget is now tiny but you can use their code, so it should be quick and easy”

What’s missing from the list? What would make your life easier from an agency/dev shop perspective.

I’d love to hear from you, please hit my up on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.