Screw UNISA!

It’s fucking unreal what a piece of shit institution UNISA is.

If you have ever tried to study through UNISA you will understand what I mean but for those who have not yet tried to look into the abyss, let me paint you a picture.

UNISA is the default tertiary distance learning institution in South Africa. You might say, “well fuck, what should that mean to me?” which is exactly what I am going to explain.

You see, studying in South Africa is shit fuck expensive and on top of the academic fees and cost of outdated printed fucking text books, we live in a country where a good portion of the population is poor and can’t afford to move to one of the cities to study, let alone study full time. This means a large portion of our population with academic ambitions has no other choice but to earn while they learn and study via correspondence.

This should be an easy problem to solve, make all the content available for free digitally(UNISA is funded by the fucking government) and offer a printed version at a reasonable fee to cover the cost of materials and shipping.

Now that we’ve got content covered, the next thing to keep in mind is exams. Learners should register and pay for exams to help cover the cost of assessment and moderation. If they fail an exam, I guess it is fair to give them a chance to rewrite; the other option would be to make exam fees cheap enough so that people can just pay to write again if they fail and then those who pass first time save some cash.

The next blatantly fucking obvious issue we need to address is fucking operating hours.

Taking everything I have already mentioned into consideration, the _typical_ UNISA learner is working to pay for her/his shit fucking studying experience in an effort to lift themselves out of poverty and have a better life.

The fucking stupid inconsiderate idiots that run UNISA only work _normal_ business hours, this makes it fucking difficult for any normal human being trying to hold down a job to go to a physical office.

The obvious thing to do would be for UNISA offices to be open early in the morning through to the evenings to make it easier for distance learners to actually get to the office to do some of the admin that is just fucking impossible to do online at the moment. Also spend some money and fix the fucking LMS(learning management system).

Now for the useless as fuck call centre. A distance learning institution that does not have offices open and accessible to normal people(who happen to be paying customers) should at a bare minimum answer its fucking call centre phones and support email but, as you can probably guess, the dip shits don’t do either of these things properly. If they just fix the fucking call centre they will save people a shit ton of time and effort.

So let’s say you’re actually able to navigate the labyrinth and become a UNISA student. One of the first things you will become familiar with is the Errata. These stupid fucks, who have got digital copies of their learning materials available, don’t bother to fix their own stupid mistakes, which are sometimes seriously colossal. Instead, after shipping out learning material, sometimes even after the first assignments are due, they send learners printed notes and corrections that the learners need to make to the study materials in order to not learn the incorrect information. This just goes to show the lack of quality control, management and common sense at this idiotic institution.

One of the most recent fucking blunders of this fucking impossible to work with institution is applications. The fucking idiots have now made it near impossible for someone to register with them. The ink on exam results has barely even dried but applications for 2016 have closed. This means people who wrote exams in 2015 are fucked and need to wait another 12 months before continuing with their studies. What type of piece of shit institution does this to paying customers?!

South African students have a lot more shit to deal with than simply study fees falling, we need institutions to respect the fucking people paying their salaries and operate with some fucking integrity.